Depression and Doing Mirror Work For Feeling More Joyful

wachaWelcome to our page about depression and doing mirror work for feeling more joyful. Do you know what mirror work is? There are many in holistic health that benefit from this. It is to look in the mirror and speak positive affirmations. You share about thoughts that build up your self esteem.

When you face depression it is possible to feel low. You may look at yourself as worthless and hopeless. The mirror work has the potential to allow you to be more optimistic about life. It could take time but may be a tool to feel happier.

We believe those with depression should work with their doctor. There are other non medical tools that you can do to stay mentally strong. The mirror work can be something that you use to learn to love yourself more. The combination of different modalities of help help you attract a better life.

Our work is to provide coaching for anyone looking to make positive changes. We work using text, phone and video chat. The coaches are kind, helpful and work to allow you to set goals.

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