Depression and Continuing To Keep Your Sales Job

The Positive Worker CoverThis shares about depression and continuing to keep your sales job. Many that are working face depression. They must figure out how to keep going when they don’t feel great.

It may be important to see a doctor. They can talk to you about the realities of facing depression. Many primary care doctors or psychiatrists are able to work on this. You can decide with them if you are open to taking medication for depression.

There are also steps to take to continue in your job. It may be vital to tell your supervisor what you are feeling. Many companies have programs to assist workers. They may have you call the insurance company that is provided by the business.

We provide a terrific coaching program using technology. Our goal is to listen and help you improve your thinking. This hopefully is a tool for you to continue working and living.

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We also want to share a great book written by the founder of this website. It teaches about how to improve and enjoy your work. The book is titled The Positive Worker: Developing A Winning Attitude At Work at: Book About Work