Depression and Bipolar Support Group Huntington Beach

Welcome to the depression and bipolar support group for Huntington Beach. Our bipolar and depression group help those in Huntington Beach to find support and encouragement. Our support group helps you meet others, find encouragement, share what you are facing and feel connected. The group is free and dedicated to improving lives. We know facing depression and bipolar is hard and challenging.

Our support group was started by Blake LeVine, MSW. Blake is a bipolar survivor and has educated internationally about mental health. He’s also written the bestselling books Beating Bipolar and Depression, Bipolar and Heroin.

Our free group meets every Saturday at 12 noon Pacific Time or 3pm Eastern Time. You may join the free group by dialing this number any Saturday at this time. It is 100% free and lasts around 2 hours. We find many who are nervous about joining a group appreciate the anonymity and lowered stress of a virtual group. We will all be on the phone for the group.

You may also enjoy our daily blog which includes stories, articles and educational videos. Our website provides educational books, coaching and encouragement. You may find our blog and other information on our homepage at

We thank you so much for coming to the depression and bipolar support group page for Huntington Beach. When you look for a support group in Huntington Beach we hope our community helps you make changes. Thank you for being interested in learning about our depression and bipolar support group for Huntington Beach.

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