Depression and Addiction to Molly

wachaThis shares about depression and the addiction to molly. It is a fact that molly is very dangerous. If someone is depressed and starts taking this, it could be deadly. It is for this reason nobody should risk their life in this way.

When someone you love is facing this you must have them seek help. This could be a rehab, hospital or day treatment center. You could also tell the school they are at to make sure they don’t get high while there.

It can be very hard to live with depression. If you add a drug such as molly it can trigger all kinds of problems. The need to stop is often at its highest level.

We have a book that teaches about mental illness and addiction. The founder of this website lost his brother to a heroin overdose. His brother also used molly often before falling into heroin. In his honor this book was created to help other families facing these issues.

You can buy the book at: Depression, Bipolar and Heroin