Depression Addiction Sober Coach

We are the bipolar addiction sober coach. If you are looking for a bipolar addiction sober coach we are here to help. Our bipolar addiction help is to work with you to make positive change. When you struggle with both bipolar and addiction life is often a challenge. It is hard to deal with bipolar disorder and even tougher when you struggle with addictions.

We’re the coaching company launched by social worker and life coach Blake LeVine. He is a noted bipolar expert who has written the bestselling book Beating Bipolar. He is also a survivor of bipolar and has learned healthy ways to handle this mental illness. His brother died at age 27 from a heroin overdose. Blake is dedicated to motivating, encouraging and helping clients with bipolar disorder and addiction.

bookcIf you are struggling with depression and addiction we would like to help you. We offer several resources to help. This includes a phone coaching program where Blake works every day to help you handle your addiction. We also offer referrals to housing and places that help those with depression and addiction.

We have learned that there is hope for clients with depression and addiction. We believe the addiction is often due to feeling alone, lost, confused or different. Our work is to help you build the confidence to handle the addiction as well as the depression issues. Our coaching is unique and helpful. We’re available at all times including weekends. We help those with depression and addiction by being available to you always.

Our depression addiction work has helped several clients facing these issues. We would like to help your loved one of you facing depression and addiction. As our way of helping we offer you a valuable free gift. Each new client is given one 30 minute free telephone coaching session to discuss your situation, ask questions and help you make change. There is a fee if you choose to continue with weekly coaching. Please call Blake LeVine today to be given your free 30 minute session. You may call him at (213) 304-9555 or email Thank you for allowing us to help you with your depression and addictions.

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