Depressed In The Morning And Needing To Go To Work

The Positive Worker CoverThis shares about being depressed in the morning and needing to go to work. It can be complex trying to work when living with depression. You may be seeking medical treatment and still have a difficult time functioning.

We wanted to explore what alternative options may help someone in this situation. The first is to remember that you are valuable. Your work team needs the skills and gifts you bring to the job.

The second, is to possibly talk with a supervisor on your team. They may be understanding that you are trying and it is not very easy for you. You may calmly talk to them and find out their ideas. It may happen that the company has resources available to help. This includes an EAP which is an employee assistance program.

This program was designed to assist when workers are having difficulty. They may be very understanding and have a list of tools to help. It is also likely that they have experienced these kind of issues with employees.

The third tip is to find social support. You may not have a ton of friends or family. What should you do then? There are many types of activities you may try. The problem is you may not feel up to being around to many people.

We provide a life coaching program to listen and support you. The goal is to help you work and handle change. Our team is calm, kind and open to helping.

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