Dealing With Depression Using Yoga and Tai Chi


If you have depression Yoga and Tai Chi often help. When you have depression Yoga and Tai Chi have many healing abilities. Our work with depression benefits from Yoga and Tai Chi. Some have asked how these help depression and other mental health issues.

We believe that creating peace and calmness will help you dramatically. There are many living with depression who benefit from therapy and medications. Even for those being helped in this way also need healthy outlets for feelings and stress. We’ve found Yoga and Tai Chi will benefit those with depression.

Our founder is a depression and mental health advocate and has founded this company to help those with depression. In his own life he nearly died from hallucinations, delusions and mania from bipolar and depression. He rebuilt his life with medication, therapy and support groups. Blake also found Yoga, Tai Chi, walking, meditating and finding healthy outlets made a major difference.

We work to coach those with depression and offer holistic tools. This includes learning to relax, helping you learn positive ways to let out stress and understanding where your feelings come from. Our coaching is different than most options. We’re available to you 7 days a week via phone, text, video chat and email. Many of our clients call us each day and we provide the encouragement, hope and motivation for you to make changes.

Our work is often helping our clients have a friend and coach who listens, understands, provides tools and never judges. We would like to offer you a special free gift. As our way of thanking you for coming to this page we offer you the above free coupon. This allows you to have a free 30 minute session to answer questions, provide tools and for you to see how we work. If you choose to continue we offer many plans. Thank you for coming to and you may reach Blake LeVine’s office to redeem this coupon at (213) 304-9555 or email

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