Dealing With Depression But Being Determined To Stay Positive

handsThis shares about dealing with depression but being determined to stay positive. When you are dealing with depression it is easy to not stay positive. Many wonder why they should remain optimistic when they are depressed. The answer is without hope we are frozen.

The first step for depression is to seek medical treatment. When someone has depression it is a real medical illness that benefits from seeing a trained doctor. If you are already doing this, we have some additional tips and tools to help educate about these topics.

The hardest part of depression is that we see the negative and difficulty in our lives. A few examples are feeling fearful, struggling financially, having relationship issues, isolation or wondering if life will ever improve. The facts are there are many examples of those with depression who find more hope and joy. This is not promised but if we don’t attempt to press forward how can we grow?

Many with depression fall into problems with addiction and others ways that continue to cause more problems. The reality is that it is very emotionally tough to battle depression. Please know you are not alone and support is available.

This website was created to teach and educate others who live with depression and other struggles. Our founder nearly died from bipolar and depression in his teenage years. He now dedicates his life to helping others who face these problems.

He offers a one on one coaching program by phone and skype to help teach others optimism. His goal is to be a positive influence while you go on your journey. You may learn about the coaching program by calling the office of Blake LeVine at (213) 304-9555 or email

We also offer a daily magazine online for free. Each day, new articles are posted and created. We also offer a large video library of educational videos. You can find the daily writing on our home page at

You may also enjoy the bestselling books our founder has written to teach and educate others. You can find them on the right of this page. Thank you for coming to our page for dealing with depression but being determined to stay positive. We wish you much success as you continue to make positive progress.

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