Dealing With Depression And Interviewing For New Jobs

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When you face depression, it may be hard to interview for new jobs. The reality is, many will benefit from the increase in salary or earnings. There are skills that help when you need to be your best, for a new job interview.

The first step, is to try and be well rested. It is likely, that eight to ten hours of sleep will help. The person conducting the job interview, will know you are taking care of yourself. They may recognize, you are someone willing to bring their best to this new position.

The second step, is finding holistic tools to deal with your anxiety. It is common, to be nervous before a round of interviews. What will you say? How will you do? Are you going to get the job? These questions, are likely to permeate in your mind leading up to the interviews.

We also encourage you to find support. Our company, offers a virtual education and coaching service. We’ll work with you one on one, to make positive progress. There is a fee, but who doesn’t want to invest in themselves? There are many that spend a ton on new wardrobes, getting hair done, nails and other positive steps. We find that a supportive coach, may be able to practice role playing in preparation of the interview.

Our company was started by a husband that faces bipolar. His wife lives with depression. He has written the books Beating Bipolar, The Psychology of Adult Coloring, The Positive Worker: Developing A Winning Attitude At Work, Depression, Bipolar and Heroin, Like Mother, Like Son, and Depresion, Bipolar Y Heroina.

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