Dealing With Depression and Having Anger and Mood Swings

C11-713225This shares about dealing with depression and having anger and mood swings. If your loved one has depression and anger we offer support. We do this by providing coaching to help you let out your feelings, set goals and make positive changes. Our depression anger support is meant to motivate and encourage you to figure out healthy outlets for your emotions.

There are many terrific individuals who deal with depression. They sometimes have a great amount of energy and become filled with rage and anger. It often comes out on those closest to them. We’ve seen those with bipolar show rage towards parents, friends and those they are in a relationship with. We know that learning coping skills has the potential to make dealing with depression and anger better.

Our group was created by a noted bipolar and depression survivor, advocate and author. He wrote the bestselling book Beating Bipolar and the upcoming Depression Diet which shares many valuable lessons about this mental illness. He’s also spoken on many media outlets and educated at organizations around the country. It is our goal to offer the guidance and support to help you make the changes you need.

We provide a coaching service through telephone, email, text and video chat. As our way of thanking you for visiting our website we offer one free 30 minute session valued at $200. This session allows you to ask questions, learn about our work and help you make positive change. Your family member, friend or you are each entitled to one free session. Please call Blake LeVine at (213) 304-9555 for your free session. If you choose to continue we offer coaching sessions on a sliding scale. You may also look at our main page for a signed copy of the bestselling book Beating Bipolar, relaxation CD’s, an educational talk and much more. You can find this all at

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