Books About Heroin and Depression

wachaThis shares about books about heroin and depression. There are many families impacted by both heroin addiction and mental illness. They may want to learn and gain insights about these issues. Those facing addiction, may also want to learn tools to stop.

The sad fact is heroin is an extremely difficult addiction. When someone stops, they become deeply ill. Many cannot handle this and relapse. It can be a painful cycle that tortures the human being facing this. We see in cities around the world how hard it is to battle this epidemic.

The mental illness component is also horrible for all involved. There may be screaming, hallucinating, paranoia, and violence. This makes it very hard to care for someone living with mental illness and addiction to heroin.

We want to share a book written by the founder of this website. His only brother died of a heroin overdose in his 20’s. The book shares his story along with examples of others facing addiction. The book is a tool to help create alternative options for those facing addiction.

You can buy the book at: Depression, Bipolar and Heroin