Book About Addiction and Mood Swings

DepressionBookThis is a book about addiction and mood swings. When you have addiction and mood swings it helps to read books which teach and educate about these subjects. There is a fantastic book about addiction titled Depression, Bipolar and Heroin. It shares lessons, stories and information about mood swings and addictions. The book is filled with a huge amount of knowledge, hope, lessons and experiences.

We know when your loved one faces addiction it is both scary and difficult. There are so many lessons and problems that you face. This includes trying to understand how to keep helping someone who is struggling with these issues. They are often verbally and even physically abusive. The author of this book is a noted educator teaching about depression, bipolar disorder and addictions. He wrote this book because his only brother died in 2014 from addiction and depression.

The goal of the about about addiction and mood swings is to reach others who deal with these issues. This includes being a great book for parents, spouses, children, teachers, nurses, doctors, social workers, coaches, addiction counselors and anyone looking to help others who battle these hard situations. We know learning and gaining as much knowledge about addiction and mood swings is the best way to combat these serious problems.

If you are looking to find the best book about depression and addiction we believe this one is extremely helpful. It is easy to read and shares many case examples to help teach the topics within the book. You may obtain copies for your groups or yourself by going to:

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