Bipolar Tools For Working Moms

wachaThis shares about bipolar and tools for working moms. It may be that your child has bipolar and you work often. What ways are you able to support and help your child? It may also be that you have bipolar but still work long and hard hours at a job.

We know that learning is important for working moms. This can include reading, watching educational videos and taking time to understand mental health. We provide a library of videos at: Bipolar Educational Videos

There is also an amazing book written by the founder of this website. It deals with mental illness and addiction. His brother Adam died of a heroin overdose. The book is titled Depression, Bipolar and Heroin. You can buy a copy at: Bipolar and Depression Book

We also work to coach moms that want to learn about bipolar. The coaching is done virtually. You may reach us by calling or texting (213) 304-9555. You can email us at