Bipolar Support Wichita

DepressionBookWelcome to the bipolar support Wichita page. If you are in Wichita and need support for bipolar disorder we would be happy to provide knowledge. It is easy to struggle when facing bipolar disorder. You may feel as if it a difficult to handle your emotions.

We were started by a noted bipolar survivor, He teaches about these topics and has helped many others. He knows living with a mental illness is tough. We work to offer help in many ways. One is to provide coaching by phone. This coaching helps set goals, work on career issues, find healthy outlets and have a strong listener. You may set a session by calling our office at (213) 304-9555 or email

You may also enjoy the free educational articles to help teach you lessons, inspire hope and be a positive role model. You may find the articles posted daily on We hope this help you find knowledge and encouragement.

Thank you for coming to the bipolar support page. If you live with bipolar in Wichita it can be tough. We hope finding our website it helpful to you. Many live with these issues and work to rebuild their lives. We hope you continue your journey. Our goal is to be a positive influence and to share hope. The best lesson we learned is even with a diagnosis of bipolar disorder you still are able to live a full life. Thank you again and we wish you much success in your journey.

If you are interested in learning about these topics we offer several books written by the founder of this website. You may find them available at:


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