Bipolar Support Shantou

bookcWelcome to bipolar support Shantou. We offer educational support for bipolar in Shantou. Our work is teaching and offering information about bipolar disorder. We provide a daily educational blog, offer books and do a coaching program.

Our website was created because many families and individuals face bipolar disorder. The founder of our website is a noted social worker who also lives with these issues. He has written several bestselling books teaching about mental health.

There are many steps to learning how to handle bipolar disorder. This includes treatment and seeing a local doctor. You may also benefit from reading and learning as much as possible. The goal is to have as much knowledge as possible.

You may find all of our resources by clicking the links about. There you will find our books, coaching program, free daily blog and our educational video library. We appreciate you coming to our website and learning more about bipolar disorder. We hope the information offers support for those in Shantou who are facing bipolar disorder.

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