Bipolar Stay At Home Dads Coaching

wpid-wp-1442944693712.jpegThis page is for bipolar stay at home dads looking for coaching. We provide a life coaching program to help other stay at home dads. The goal is to teach, inspire and help make positive progress.

When you stay at home with your kids, it may be a challenge. If you live with bipolar disorder there is an additional set of issues to work on. When you a life coach to support, listen and help it may improve your emotions.

Our life coaching for stay at home dads is done by Blake LeVine and his team. Blake is a stay at home dad. He has a daughter who is 8 and a son who is 3. He balances the responsibilities of being a father and doing life coaching. Blake is the author of several books about mental health.

We welcome you to use our life coaching service. Most of the sessions are done by phone with people in all areas. You may set up a session or learn about costs by emailing or calling (213) 304-9555.