Bipolar Songs Music About Bipolar Disorder

Welcome to the page on bipolar songs and music about bipolar disorder. There are many songs which speak about bipolar disorder. Katy Perry sang openly about a love interest and mentioned bipolar in the song Hot N Cold.  There is a song called 5150 by Van Halen and Bipolar by Bowling For Soup. A few other songs which mention bipolar disorder include Bi-Polar Bear by Stone Temple Pilots, Manic Depression by Emilie Autumn and Manic by artist Plumb.

The list of musical artists with bipolar disorder is very long. Many feel the intense and powerful lyrics of musicians sometimes is based on the pain and issues they have lived with. We won’t list all of the musicians with bipolar as many are not open with their illness. It is terrific the few who have opened up and share about their experiences.

We provide tools and resources for families and individuals with bipolar disorder. This includes a beautiful book, relaxation cd, a film and one on one coaching. We hope more artists create songs about bipolar disorder and we learn to accept how common this condition is. We’ve learned that music is a great tool to express our emotions and share our stories. You may learn about our resources on our main page at

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