Bipolar Parenting Educational Support

wpid-20140813_182920.jpgWelcome to the bipolar parenting educational support. If you are looking for parenting educational support for bipolar disorder our information may help you. Our bipolar disorder education is tailored to help you be a parent who does the best to handle the problems. It is so clear that many struggle to be a parent. When your child or you face bipolar disorder it is even harder. was created by a depression survivor and her husband who is a bipolar survivor. They have written several books teaching about mental illness. They have talked about bipolar at many of the top organizations including The National Alliance on Mental Illness, The Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance, The Salvation Army, EEOC and many other places. They have taught about these issues in the media. They understand how important it is to get information out about these topics.

Each day they create free educational articles about many important subjects related to depression and bipolar disorder. They offer a free blog found on our home page at

They also provide bipolar parenting educational support. This includes doing phone coaching to help you learn how to make positive change. We would welcome you to call and learn about the bipolar parenting coaching and support we offer. You may reach the office of Blake LeVine by calling (213) 304-9555 or email

Thank you for coming and learning about the bipolar parenting educational support. We know it is important that you gain as much information and hope as possible. Please feel free to reach out to us and thanks for taking a moment to read about the work we do. We hope your family makes positive changes and goes on to rebuild.


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