Bipolar Moms Online Resource For Healthy Parenting

wpid-20140813_182920.jpgThis article shares about bipolar moms and online resources for healthy parenting. When you are a mom with bipolar disorder you may have many fears, questions and want to seek knowledge. The key issues often include what are the best ways to raise your own children even though you live with a mental illness. This article details some basic information to teach and provide hope.

When you are a parent there are so many different aspects of dealing with your family. This includes learning to set limits, create structure, discipline, teach and handle obstacles. You may sometimes struggle in your own life which makes it difficult to handle all of the pressures of parenting.

One of the main tools is to take care of your own life. It is worth it to stay in treatment and have a good therapist and psychiatrist on your team. When you are doing well, your kids will feel calmer and safer. You are one of their biggest support systems and they sense when you are having a rough time.

The second tip is to make sure to do a large amount of physical activity. It is as simple as doing daily walks, jogging, yoga or anything that allows you to release stress. The fact is that working out makes us stronger and gives us more energy. This is a terrific way to let out your frustrations and come back to a place of peace.

We provide an online magazine where each day articles are written to teach others who face these issues. We were created by a noted bipolar survivor who has raised his own children. He knows that we need as much knowledge and information as possible.

There is also a one on one coaching program we offer virtually to help parents and others looking for motivation, structure, goal setting and to make change. You may call the office of Blake LeVine at (213) 304-9555 or email

Please know that there are many wonderful parents who live with bipolar disorder. We hope that by gaining knowledge we can build a healthier generation of families who are living full lives. We appreciate you taking time to read this and your welcome to email us or call if you need additional support. On our main page is our daily magazine at

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