Bipolar Looking To Appreciate Your Past

wachaMany with bipolar struggle with their past. They may have faced anger, abuse or major problems. How do you move forward after this? Does holding on to pain make life better or worse? Many learn that by focusing on today, you don’t think as often about the past or future.

This includes learning how to live in the moment. We all have a reason to feel fearful. In the moment, you only have to be present for now. This is how to be okay after facing something challenging.

It may not always work when you try to forget. When a painful memory arises you may think about it. It is okay to feel some of the real pain. The truth is you shouldn’t live every minute of each day thinking of that. It robs you of building a better tomorrow by enjoying now.

We provide a life coaching program using technology. The goal is to help you learn to be in the moment and set your own goals. We hope to help you enjoy your life more.

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We also want to share a book written by the founder of this website. His brother died of a heroin overdose. The book teaches and shares stories to improve anyone impacted by mental illness or addiction.

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