Bipolar Learning About Cycles Of Business

bipolarcoverMany with bipolar are interested in learning about the cycles of business. What does cycle of business mean? Our interpretation is that companies have ups and downs. It may be a time that the economy is going great. This is an opportunity to find more work, make more money and hopefully succeed.

There are other times when sales are slow. You may have to work super hard, to even achieve a small amount of money. How do you determine if this is a good time or bad one?

Our answer is that there are degrees of business cycles. In the best economy, there may be some businesses doing great. There may be others that are barely surviving. The opposite may be true in a down cycle. There could be thousands of failing companies or one or two generating massive profits.

You can never exactly predict what cycle is coming up next. Many change so quickly that it may be hard to anticipate what is next. You may even have a hard time figuring out what the environment is right now. There are usually more successes in a booming economy.

We work to help those with bipolar. Our goal is to allow you to find tools to see success. You may benefit from our coaches talking about some of your ideas.

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