Bipolar Finding Light In Dark Situations

bipolarcoverThere are times when those with bipolar must find light in dark situations. They may be facing sadness, isolation and frustration. The key to surviving is finding a way to bring light to your life. Many with bipolar find tools and strategies to allow them to continue to press forward.

They may take time to reflect and ponder their ideas. Would it help them to keep trying or should they accept others decisions? Do they want the truth about those who are choosing to not be open with them? Would it be better if we openly shared with bipolar people what others really think?

The answer in our opinion is yes. Many with bipolar are not told all of the truths. This is part of the reason many face hospitalizations and inability to find the right careers. The problem is many with bipolar have so much to offer our world. When we limit them, we can take all of us down to nothing. This is why we feel honest dialogue can sometimes help heal a hurting soul.

We know facing truth can hurt. It may be better than someone continuing to face rejection even when right for their goals. It takes time for some of us to reconsider how we think. What happens when someone with bipolar hurts others because they were abused? Could we prevent it and stop pretending. There are many with bipolar who have learned to take the lumps and bruises of real life.

Our work is coaching those with bipolar and depression. We want to honestly share about what you feel. It is our goal to help you find your own solutions. We do this by teaching you to improve your self worth. You may have felt kicked in the teeth by those around you. It takes bravery to accept help and work towards rebuilding your life.

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