Bipolar Finding A Fresh Beginning

The Positive Worker CoverMany with bipolar are interested in finding a fresh beginning. They may want to look for a new job, go to school, travel or learn a trade. These types of activities may help to be happier, excited and ready for something new.

There are some with bipolar that have experienced dark times. They know the reality of dealing with a mental illness. It may have included hospitalizations, medication changes and other real issues. They can work very hard to recover and rebuild their life.

It is possible to find a new path. These days, many are trying careers and doing activities they had not thought of growing up. It is great to be flexible and willing to adapt to changes.

Our suggestion is to be as healthy as possible when starting again. This includes finding out what type of school or work would be best. Many with bipolar benefit from working from home. It may allow you to be more comfortable and capable of the work.

We provide a coaching program to help those with bipolar rebuild. You can learn about our coaching by calling us at (213) 304-9555. You may also email us at