Bipolar Facing Fears About A Nuclear War

bipolarcoverThis shares about having bipolar and facing fears about a nuclear war. In 2018, there is fear in the United States about a nuclear war with North Korea. When you have bipolar, it may be scary to be under this cloud of concern. How does someone with a mental illness survive in this type of environment?

We feel that those with bipolar are highly sensitive and intuitive. They may pick up on the energy of others around them. This may include those without a diagnosis of bipolar being on edge. What do those with bipolar do to combat this?

It may benefit you to not let yourself fall into the worst fears possible. If some around you are scaring you, give the relationship a break. This could mean talking to them less, not seeing them as often or telling them to leave you alone.

You may also need to develop tools to handle the possibility of war. This includes having a plan should there be bomb warnings. You may also need to buy a gas mask, bags of food and water. This would give you a chance to survive should the tragedy of a nuclear war be upon us.

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