Bipolar Disorder Support Queretaro

We are bipolar disorder support for Queretaro. When you face bipolar disorder our support for those in Queretaro is meant to teach and help you. Each day we offer a free online magazine to educate, inspire and help others who face these issues.

When you live with bipolar disorder it is often hard and overwhelming. The word bipolar means a psychiatric illness that is characterized by both manic and depressive episodes or only manic ones. When someone is manic they may speak fast, drive well over the legal limit, spend large amounts of money, gamble, have risky sexual behavior or do other things they would not normally do.

If someone is in a depressive mood they may sleep more than normal, not be willing to be around others, feel social anxiety and struggle to work or attend school. It is a serious problem because many with depression do attempt to end their lives. We suggest finding a local doctor to determine if you have this illness.

Our work is to educate and help others who live with these issues. We were started by a noted bipolar survivor, author, social worker and coach who has taught about these topics. Each day he writes articles to help encourage and share lessons that will lift you up.

You may find our daily online magazine on our main page at

We also offer many books, educational videos and other tools and resources to help those with bipolar disorder find support in Queretaro.

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