Bipolar Disorder Support Pune India

bookcWelcome to our page for bipolar disorder support for Pune India. Our goal is to provide lessons and knowledge for those in Pune who face bipolar disorder. Each day we offer a free educational blog sharing hope and lessons about bipolar disorder. We also offer books, educational videos, a coaching program through Skype and many articles about these topics.

Our website was started by a social worker and coach who also lives with bipolar disorder. He has done many talks and lectures about bipolar disorder. He believes it is vital to seek treatment with a local doctor for these issues. His goal with this website is to provide knowledge and lessons to help others understand these issues. There are many with bipolar disorder who are able to live successful lives with proper treatment.

We welcome you to enjoy the tools and resources on this website. This includes our book section which shares many great writings about these topics. We also do a one on one coaching program through Skype to teach and help set goals. You will also find a video library with many educational videos about these topics.

Thank you for coming to the bipolar disorder support page for Pune, India. We hope you will use some of the tools found by going to pages above. We know that knowledge is a vital step in handling bipolar disorder. Please know there is hope and we are happy to help share information.

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