Bipolar Disorder Staying Up All Night Playing Video Games

bookcWelcome to this article about bipolar disorder and staying up all night playing video games. Many with bipolar disorder feel that they come alive at night. Many will stay up all night playing games and feeling excited. The issue is when they are unable to wake up the next day.

Many parents worry that their kids begin to live in an unhealthy way. It is also common for some to get high at night and be unable to function the next day. It is for these reasons you may want to limit the amount of time spent up at night.

A few tips are to be able to spend one or two hours in the evening playing games. You may choose early in the night to have a set time to finish. Many would stay up all night but if the electronics are shut off by 10pm or 11pm this may limit the negative impact.

You may also need to talk to your doctor of find one if the person is playing video games and you fear they have bipolar disorder. There are many treatments to help those who live with bipolar. There are medication regimens usually prescribed by a medical doctor known as a psychiatrist. There are also therapists who have a high level of education and provide talk therapy.

We are an online magazine created by a bipolar survivor, noted social worker, author and mental health advocate. Each day we create wonderful educational articles teaching about these topics. We also sell fantastic books that give a greater amount of information about bipolar disorder.

You may find the daily articles on our magazine on our main page at There are many ways to help those with bipolar disorder who stay up all night and play video games. The reality is many play games at night but if it gets to a level that is dangerous it is worth changing the schedule. This may help functioning and allow the person to have a more balanced way of living.

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