Bipolar Disorder and Ways To Learn Systems To Support Progress

bookbWelcome to bipolar disorder and learning ways to have systems and make positive progress. Many with bipolar struggle to handle daily schedules do to needing better systems. There are some easy ways to learn how to slowly be more consistent.

One easy lesson is to start each day with a simple list. You may write down the activities that you know you must accomplish. This includes having the ability to know ahead of time what must be finished. You can then begin to check off the tasks you have finished.

The next lesson is to have support if you are struggling. It may mean asking a family member or friend to teach you how to build an organizational system. You may put paperwork in a folder and have them in a space where you know where they are.

Our work is teaching and educating others who live with bipolar disorder. Each day on our main page we offer a wonderful daily blog. We also offer wonderful books and a one on one coaching program. We are happy to answer your questions and help you make changes.

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