Bipolar Disorder and Using Technology Too Often

Nature PhotographyWelcome to our article on bipolar disorder and using technology too often. Many of us with bipolar use computers for much our lives. These days many careers, passions and fun come with being online.

My goal is not to stop anyone from using their computer or mobile phone. It is a fact that technology is a vital part of our current lives. You may find that many of the future work will be based around technological advances and the connected internet of things.

The key step is to find time to detach from electronics. I began to lose some weight by taking a daily walk for 30-45 minutes. I also often go to local nature preserves. When I am in a park with beautiful trees, plants and animals I feel peaceful.

There are many ways to let go of technology even for a brief time. You may walk, take a class, join a group or just look out at the stars. There is so much natural beauty that surrounds us. Many don’t take the time to see all that is around where you live.

Even a few minutes each day is a great amount of time to connect without electronics. You may even find a few minutes to sit quietly, meditate and slow down your thinking. This small amount of time may help you function better at work and with those you love.

We offer wonderful resources for anyone looking to learn and make positive changes. This includes a daily blog, educational videos, books, and a one on one coaching program. Please know we appreciate you reading this article.

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