Bipolar Disorder And Feeling Lost and Alone

DepressionBookThere are many with bipolar disorder who are feeling lost and alone. One of the key steps is to not isolate. We often feel as if it is easier to be alone. When you have bipolar disorder you need others in your life. This may include a local support group, friends, family, a therapist, doctor or participating in activities. Many with bipolar feel as if they are highly sensitive and struggle in public settings. It still is helpful to find ways to not be alone.

Our goal at is to teach and help others who face these issues. We were started by a bipolar survivor and his wife who lives with depression. Each day they write free educational articles teaching about these topics. The best news is the articles are very motivational and share important lessons to help you. We also offer life coaching by phone to work with you to set goals and make positive change. You can call the office of Blake LeVine at (213) 304-9555 to learn about the coaching program. You may also email

We know that when you have bipolar it is a long and sometimes hard road. We want to encourage you to press on and make positive changes. Blake lost his brother this year to depression and addiction at age 27. He wrote an amazing book which is filled with lessons about depression, bipolar, addictions, family and faith. You may support our work by buying a copy today at:

Thank you for coming to the page about bipolar disorder and feeling lost and alone. We hope this was helpful and that you continue to work on the issues in your life. You may enjoy the new book or might want to read our blog updated daily on our home page at

Please know there is always hope and you can make it through whatever you are facing. It is always helpful to learn and develop as much knowledge as possible.

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