Bipolar Disorder and Dealing With Cancer With A Positive Attitude

handsThis article is about having bipolar disorder and dealing with cancer while having a positive attitude. Many know that facing bipolar is a very hard and long road. When you also face a cancer diagnosis it may seem even tougher.

Our goal with this article is to provide some tools and hope for those who are facing cancer and bipolar. I learned a great lesson from a family friend. Her name was Helen and she was a beautiful person. She worked for many years cutting hair and being involved in the lives of her friends and family.

Helen was always healthy and did a great amount of physical activity. She also was determined to live a full life. In her 50’s, she was driving and got into a car accident. She had blacked out and was unsure how the accident happened.

One week later the same thing happened again. She was taken to the hospital and they gave her a full series of tests. They found she had a very severe form of brain cancer. It was her response and attitude to the situation which changed my life.

I was just a teenager and she was my mother’s best friend. We would all visit her and she knew she had just weeks to live. Helen was laughing, smiling, and cheering us up! She lived the rest of her life with a smile on her face and warm friends around her.

She shared that even though she didn’t want to die it was up to her to enjoy each moment of life. If you face a mental illness and cancer it is hard. I know you are facing a great amount of stress. The best way to keep going is to not lose hope. When you keep a positive attitude you are showing great strength and helping.

You may even find that your cancer is not as severe as Helen’s. Many with different forms of cancer go on to survive and recover. The best step you can take is to find a wonderful psychiatrist for your mental health and a top cancer doctor. Please make sure your team listens and understands what you are going through.

Our goal with our website is to provide hope for others facing mental illness. Our founders are a couple who live with bipolar and depression. They understand how important it is to learn to stay optimistic and keep pressing on.

We offer wonderful education including books, hundreds of videos, a daily free blog and a one on one coaching program. The idea is that you can build the positive inner talk to keep going in your life. Thank you for taking some time to come to our website. Please know we hope your health issues resolve. You may reach us anytime if you feel you need some support. Our office line is (213) 304-9555 or you may email

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