Bipolar Depression Working Well With All Kinds Of Team Members

The Positive Worker CoverThis shares about having bipolar or depression and working well with all kinds of team members. There are some at a job that must try to get along with those around them. What tools are able to help them find the ability to succeed?

We feel that it takes time to be with other people. Many with bipolar are not as comfortable in work settings as they hope. This can cause fear and stress about trying to work. You may remember that even those without bipolar or depression may have a difficult time trying to handle this.

You may choose to accept that some of us are different. We look at life, the world and work in different ways. Our politics may be completely different which causes a strain on your working relationship. It may also be that others don’t do the job the same way you do. Are they wrong or are they right? Who are they to tell you what they believe is true?

It is usually up to a supervisor to handle these kind of problems. We can talk to them about what has happened. Many large companies also have employee assistance programs. These are often able to refer you to a therapist that is free for staff of that job.

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