Bipolar Cousin Who Plays Video Games All Day

loveThis shares about those having a cousin with bipolar disorder and play video games all day. There are many with bipolar disorder who enjoy playing video games. It is fun and enjoyable to have a game that is interesting and provides entertainment. A normal amount of using video games in not a negative problem.

The issue is when someone with bipolar disorder will not do anything else except play the video game. This often leads to social isolation, fearing leaving the home, not connecting with others and losing the ability to function outside of their room. They may also eat foods that are not healthy, not take care of hygiene and spend too much time in a dark room.

This is why many parents and friends need to be supportive of those they love with bipolar disorder and video game addiction. One smart suggestion is to talk openly with the person. You can share that if they only play the video game they are missing out on all other aspects of life. This should come from a place of kindness and warmth. They may even know that their life revolves solely around their games.

You may also ask them to do something with you outside of the house. This may mean going to grab a pizza, playing pool, fishing, taking a walk or some other activity. This shows them that there are other possible things they may enjoy participating in. If all else fails there are rehab programs for those with addiction to video games. You may want to research programs and have one do an intervention. The same steps are often done when someone is abusing drugs or alcohol. It may not seem fun but this is often how those who are addicted begin the road to true recovery.

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