Bipolar Chilling Out and Feeling Calm

wachaThis shares about bipolar, chilling out and feeling calm. The expression chilling out has been around for many years. It is usually meant as being less anxious and not trying to do too much. When you have bipolar, you may be cool with figuring out how to chill.

The tools for this include finding ways that help. It may mean meditating, yoga, deep breathing or sitting calmly. Many will play video games or watch stuff on their phones. This may help you feel okay.

We have some tools to help those wanting to have someone to talk to. Our coaching program uses technology to help. You can reach us at (213) 304-9555. You may also email us at

There is also a book written by the founder of this website. His only brother used to love to chill. He sadly, faced addiction to heroin. He died in his 20’s from a heroin overdose. The book Depression, Bipolar and Heroin shares stories and tools for anyone wanting to grow. You can buy the book at: Book About Adam