Bipolar CEOs Coaching

C11-713225We help bipolar CEOs. There are many CEOs with bipolar disorder. Our work is helping to motivate, encourage and work to help bipolar CEOs. We do this by providing mentoring, coaching and helping you to continue to build your business. If you have an idea or already work for a business there is an opportunity to improve your work.
Our founder is lives with bipolar disorder and has run businesses for many years. He has been able to channel his passion and creativity into build a business. He’s also written the bestselling book Beating Bipolar and spoken about this topic on most media outlets. In addition, he has taught students about bipolar on a national media tour with Dr. Drew Pinsky.
If you are building a business and face bipolar disorder our coaching has the potential to help. We work to motivate, encourage, inspire and be a fantastic sounding board. We do this through phone, video chat, email and text messaging. We’re available on your schedule which includes 7 days a week and at night. We are committed to giving the support and knowledge to help you make better business decisions.
Our goal is to improve your situation. We do this by offering a free initial 30 minute telephone session. You may call Blake LeVine anytime to have this free session by phone. If you continue to work with a coach there is a charge and we offer several options. We’ve seen many CEOs with bipolar benefit from our in depth help to make better choices. It is also helpful to have a person capable of providing strategy and tools to build your company. We thank you for calling us and learning about the way we help bipolar CEOs.

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