Bipolar Business Owner Taking Friday To Recharge

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We share about those with bipolar and own a business. There is something wonderful about taking Friday to recharge. The holistic author, Louise Hay educated millions around the world. She would create a company that produced some of the best books ever written in the genre of spirituality. Louise, gave her staff Friday to not work. It was common, for many to recharge and rebuild their connection to light on the day off.

The founder of this website, wrote an incredible book published by Louise Hay’s company. It is titled, Beating Bipolar and shares his journey making positive changes. He details what he learned to live a full life with a mental illness. The book has been read worldwide with editions published in The United States and The United Kingdom.

We offer a virtual education and coaching service. It allows businesses and individuals to make positive progress. The goal, is to create happiness, health and an abundance of wealth. It is focused, on figuring out your way to see balance and calm.

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