Bipolar Building The Right Level Of Self Esteem

bipolarcoverWhen you have bipolar it helps to build the right level of self esteem. Many with bipolar are taught they should not be manic. They have been told that having an inflated ego means they are sick. This is why it may be important to learn how to navigate the right amount of self confidence.

If you have a job, self esteem in needed to work. There can be problems when your too boastful or won’t listen to your supervisor. If you have your own company, there is a certain level of confidence 100 perfect needed to achieve your goals. The ability to moderate your thinking is vital to win. This is even the truth in athletics and other competitive areas.

We have learned that the self esteem must change and adapt. If someone is at work and punches you, it is not right to walk away and shrug it off. There is also not a reason to tell your coworkers “I’m the greatest employee. You suck and I am the best”. These are extreme examples but illustrate where our thinking can go. We must learn how to respond with others. This can be a long term and sometimes life long process.

Many with bipolar have to learn to adapt. They know in their hearts that they have high level abilities. When they deal with others, they have to figure out ways to get along. If not, they must adapt to being alone and feel okay about it.

We provide a coaching program to work on helping you figure out your life. We’ll talk and mostly listen to what you want to achieve. We believe our help can allow you to reach your real goals. Our coaches never judge or won’t listen because you have a mental health diagnosis. Our coaching uses technology to work with you. You can text, email, phone and video chat with us.

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