Bipolar Brains Learning To Naturally Stay Calm During Stressful Days

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We are sharing about bipolar brains learning to naturally stay calm during stressful days. The times, when you feel pressure may lead to anxiety and volatile moods. There is a wonderful set of tools, to slowly handle stress when living with bipolar.

The first suggestion, is to create healthy outlets. Do you enjoy creating art, meditation, dancing, coloring, or deep breathing? This may be a piece of figuring out how to remain calm. The first step, is to slowly engage in the activity you enjoy.

The second step, often includes finding deep gratitude. What is in your life that you feel grateful for? It may include having a place to live, enough money for food, a kind heart, family or just being here today. It is possible, to tell yourself that you have many reasons to focus on what is working.

The third step, may include finding support. We provide a coaching and education program to help others make positive progress. The opportunity for help, is available virtually so almost anyone may be part of our program. There is a fee, but who wouldn’t want to invest in themselves? There are many who pay for shoes, vacations, toys for their children, and other luxuries. It is always smart, to pay for support during stressful times.

Our website was started by a noted author that lives with bipolar. He has written the books Beating Bipolar, The Psychology of Adult Coloring, Depression, Bipolar and Heroin, Like Mother, Like Son, The Positive Worker: Developing A Winning Attitude At Work, and Depresion, Bipolar Y Heroina.

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