Bipolar And Using A Creative Notebook To Express Yourself

Psychology of Adult Coloring, TheThis shares about having bipolar and using a creative notebook to express yourself. Many with bipolar or depression have incredible abilities. They may have new ideas, create poetry or draw. The use of a creative notebook is both fun and improves your life.

The energy within needs an outlet. When you let it out in a creative way you often feel okay. This is much better than anger or some toxic way of relieving stress.

You can buy a notebook for just a few dollars. It may be great to get some crayons, pencils or markers. When you want to, you can use the notebook. Many studies have talked about the benefit of journalling, art or writing poetry.

The founder of this website has written some awesome books. They include The Psychology Of Adult Coloring. This book discusses how valuable art can be. It is a fascinating book that will teach you incredible lessons.

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