Bipolar And Unable To Find A Good Part Time Paying Job Even In The Gig Industry

The Positive Worker CoverDo you have bipolar and are unable to find a good part time paying job in the gig industry? We know many with bipolar are looking for a way to make money. They want to be able to have something they can do that provides an income. Many feel upset that they cannot find or get a high paying job. There are many with bipolar who are extremely intelligent and deserve salaries in the six figures. When this feels impossible they search for a different kind of job.

We don’t know why there are not always great jobs for those with bipolar. Many feel that they are being stopped from having high paying jobs. They also feel judged if their employer knows they live with a mental illness. Many have to take medication which makes them groggy and it is hard to work long hours. They still often try but it can be extremely depressing trying to work.

Our goal is to help those with bipolar find a better outcome. We can’t promise to find a million dollar a year job for you. We’re hoping we can help you figure out your best options. This includes looking at all aspects of your life. We want to figure out how you can profit from the gifts and abilities you have. We’re able to help you learn more about yourself and finding success.

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