Bipolar and Trying To Survive Bad Energy

bipolarcoverWhen you have bipolar you may struggle to survive around bad energy. Do you feel some people you encounter have dark, harmful and maybe even toxic energy? What are you able to do to deal with this? Do they risk upsetting you and you being blamed for it due to you diagnosis of bipolar?

We don’t have all the answers on this important topic. Our goal is to explore what could be done. One idea, is to not be around the person too often. You may encounter someone online or in the world that seems to have scary energy. It may not be a bad idea to avoid them. If you see them daily for work or school you should shield yourself from their energy.

The best way to shield from toxic energy is to not let it sink in. If someone says something nasty and hurtful you may choose not to believe it. You may also not fall into their trap of making you start being angry and negative. When you don’t want to participate it becomes less fun to bother you. They may move on to their next victim.

It is possible to envision brighter energy and light. You can see yourself surrounded by light energy. You can ask a higher power to protect you from this. It may help you be okay when these situations arise.

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