Bipolar and Trying To Participate In New Activities

bipolarcoverWelcome to our page sharing about bipolar and trying to participate in new activities. The goal may be to try something fresh and exciting. You may research what is available in your town. Do you find a group, club, or other type of place to join? Have you thought about it before and aren’t sure if you want to?

The facts are some love joining everything. They are in countless groups to tons of different things. There are others who prefer to do solo types of activities. They may play games online and connect in our virtual world.

When you have bipolar you must think about your own way of being. What feels honest and truthful to you? Have you tried groups before and it hasn’t worked out? Is it worth trying again?

These answers are sometimes hard to solve. The pain you may have felt joining a previous group may need to be discussed.

We provide a life coaching program. The goal is to help you figure out your own goals. Do you want to learn and have someone support your ideas?

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