Bipolar And The Deepest Thinking Possible

bipolarcoverThere are some with bipolar that think about the deepest thinking possible. What is the human mind capable of? Does living with bipolar mean you have an ability to think deeply? Is it a positive or a negative to ponder how your mind works.

Many with bipolar are forced to think about their thoughts. They may have been in a hospital or placed on medication. There doctors talk to them about their mental health and thinking. Those with bipolar may start to wonder about how their mind works. They may even question why we don’t have all the answers when it comes to our brains.

We can ask how it is possible to pick up a phone and chat with someone 30 hours away in a different country? Why can we do this but not understand what our minds may be able to do? The future may be different for those with bipolar. Their curiosity about our thinking may one day lead to more answers.

In the meantime, it is vital for those with bipolar to live full lives. They must learn to interact and survive in the world. It may mean trying to understand their goals, dreams and realities. They may want to go on a path that leads to long term success.

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