Bipolar And Scared About My Future

bipolarcoverDo you have bipolar and are scared about your future? Are you worried what is going to come next? Is money an issue and you are determined to find a way to take care of yourself? We want to share that many face uncertainty and confusion. When you live with bipolar it may be even more challenging.

The future is often unknown. These days many are trying to find a way to survive financially. How do you hold on to hope when life feels very hard? It can take great strength and courage to continue. When you add bipolar to the mix it may seem even harder.

We provide a coaching program to help teach calm and balance. Our goal is to listen, teach, support and help you find a way forward. It is vital to have someone to support and nurture your emotional growth. We’ve helped many that were in a tough spot.

You may learn about our coaching by texting or calling us at (213) 304-9555. We also are happy to have you email us at