Bipolar and Recovering From A Long Term Mental Hospital Stay

Beating Bipolar UK editionWelcome to our page about bipolar and recovering from a long term mental hospital stay. Many with bipolar end up in a psychiatric hospital. It may be hard to recover after facing a long term hospitalization. The reality is you may still have anger that the doctors and treatment team felt you needed to be there. There may be situations that happened during the hospital stay that make you angry and hostile.

We believe that you must try to get healthier no matter what has happened. You may need to find the strength to talk about what has happened. It is possible you need support to rebuild and adapt to living outside of the hospital . The work of starting over can be a big need for someone who faced a long hospitalization.

Our company was created by a coach who lives with bipolar. He understands the pain and anguish felt by being locked in a psychiatric hospital. His recovery including 6 mental hospitals. Each was hard, upsetting and sometimes disturbing. He dedicated his life to helping improve the lives of those with bipolar and depression.

We provide a coaching program by phone, text and email. You can call us in the United States at (213) 304-9555 or by email at