Bipolar and Pushing Boundaries and Making Positive Change

bipolarcoverThere are some with bipolar who push boundaries and make positive change. We feel this is because some diagnosed with bipolar have incredible abilities to think deeply about topics. There are some who then try to create new ways of living and handling life.

It may be debatable what kind of rules should be vital for someone with a mental illness. Our opinion is that if you don’t hurt others with your ideas they may be worth pursuing. There are many examples of new works that have been created by those with a different way of looking at life.

How does someone with bipolar learn to navigate the slippery slope of being okay and also testing new ideas? This is not an easy question and many have a different opinion of how it should go.

We work to provide coaching for anyone impacted by bipolar. The hope is we can allow you to reach for your dreams. We want to try to build you back up if you feel knocked down emotionally.

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