Bipolar and Losing Your Brother To Addiction

wachaThis shares about having bipolar and losing your brother to addiction. It is extremely hard to lose someone you love. If they faced addictions, you may have feared something bad could happen. It may be that you tried to help them, but they were not willing to change.

These days addiction is a big problem. We have all heard about the tragic deaths from heroin overdoses. It is a sad issue that many try to deal with. When your brother dies you may feel angry and hopeless.

We can never tell you how to bring back the brother you lost. The sorrow you feel will always be with you. You may want to eventually find a way to keep going with your life. We sometimes don’t feel like doing anything after facing a tragic loss.

Our work is doing coaching to listen and help you make positive changes. The founder of this website lost his brother Adam to a heroin overdose. He wrote the book Depression, Bipolar and Heroin in his honor. It is a great book for anyone who lost someone they love.

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The book we mentioned can be bought by going to this page: Depression, Bipolar and Heroin