Bipolar and Losing A Brother

DepressionBookIt is hard to have bipolar disorder and to lose a brother. If your loved one has bipolar disorder you know how hard it is to face these issues. My younger brother Adam Wachtel died in 2014 at age 27 from depression and addiction. I am a bipolar survivor and it is hard to deal with loss. When you face a mental illness it is very tough to experience the pain and sadness when a loved one passes away.

We offer daily educational and inspirational articles for families and individuals who face depression and bipolar disorder. We have found that when you lose a loved one it is so vital to seek help. There are many support groups and therapists who deal with grief counseling. It is vital to not be alone and to face these issues on your own. One of the best steps is to also find outlets for your pain. This may be listening to music, writing, doing journal entries, helping others or doing physical activity.

Blake LeVine is a noted bipolar expert and author. When his brother passed away he took the time to write a beautiful book to teach others who face depression, bipolar, loss and addiction. The book is filled with faith and encouragement. It is Blake’s way of honoring his only brother who passed away. We believe the book will inspire and teach you may wonderful lessons.

If you are bipolar and lost a brother please know you are not alone. We offer coaching and you can call the office of Blake LeVine at (213) 304-9555 or email You may also enjoy the new book Blake wrote. It is so warm and educational that we believe it will help you and teach many lessons. Please support our work by buying your copy today at:

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