Bipolar And Learning Appropriate Social Cues

bipolarcoverWhen a person lives with bipolar they may have been talked about their social cues. This may mean being told they shouldn’t be too friendly or bother others. It could have been a therapist, psychiatrist or someone else who believed you should change your interactions. The question is how do you rethink your social skills once you begin to feel better.

Do you talk to all the other kids at school at lunch? Is it better to sit alone or should you join the table with 10 other students? Would you go up to a man or woman you find attractive? What is the most respectful and real way to talk to those you come into contact with?

These are often day to day choices. When you are not feeling well, it may be best to go slow. You may choose to not interact as often when you don’t feel great. This may help you remove negative situations that happen. It is also possible to not care about what you are told. The answer may mean to try it your way. If it goes badly, then it may mean rethinking your approach.

We provide a coaching program to help those with bipolar and depression. The goal is to talk to you about the real world goals to hope to obtain. It may lead you to more success when you learn about surviving in our world. This can help achieve more success, money, joy, peace and love.

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