Bipolar and Learning About Rejection and Disappointment

Welcome to our page about bipolar and learning about rejection and disappointment. It often feels hard to set a goal only to fail. We may question our abilities and wonder if it is worth trying again. When you have bipolar it can be even harder to be rejected. Many of us have felt sad and withdrawn at times.

We offer a life coaching program to help rebuild your thinking and goals. The idea is that having a supportive life coach will motivate you to keep going and growing. The coaching allows you to share about making changes and having clear help to do so.

Our coaching is done by Blake LeVine and his team of coaches. Blake has written many books including Beating Bipolar. He also lives with bipolar and has faced countless rejections. It is never easy, but we must press forward.

You can call Blake LeVine at (213) 304-9555 or email him at

He is happy to share about the life coaching he offers, cost and all details.